Investor FAQs

How can I buy or sell shares of Chimimport AD on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange?

  • Shares can be bought and sold through the services of an investment intermediary (Financial Brokerage House). They are located on the territory of the whole country and can be found in economic journals (eg Capital newspaper) or on the Internet. The ID card is required for the purchase. For sale of the shares of another person, a power of attorney certified by a notary is required. The price of the shares is determined on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange ( according to their demand and supply.

How can I find out how much my shares cost on any given day?

  • You can find a table with share price information in almost any daily newspaper and on the web site of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia AD

What is the document about the shares I own?

  • The document for the shares owned by Chimimport AD is called "Depository Receipt", issued by "Central Depository" AD (

Where and how can I receive my depository receipt?

  • The depository receipt is issued by the Central Depository AD but it does not work directly with the shareholders. All services related to public securities are carried out by licensed investment intermediaries.

What if I am not able to receive my depository receipt in person?

  • Against a written request stating: personal identification number(PIN) and exact reverse address, you can obtain your depository receipt by post or by issuing a duplicate from an investment intermediary.

I have lost my depository receipt, how can I get a new one?

  • You need to contact an investment broker (Financial Brokerage House) to issue a duplicate.

What type of documents should I submit to the intermediary to order a new depository receipt?

  • Identity document (ID card) and old depository receipt. If you do not own one, it is sufficient to declare this to the employee of the investment intermediary. You sign an order form that investment firms call a "duplicate order". You will receive the new document within a few business days. Tip: Ask for a new depository receipt to be issued with your current personal information if it differs from the old document (changed surname, address, etc.).

Are the shares inherited? How can I sell shares owned by a deceased parent?

  • Shares are a type of property that is inherited. The name of the shareholder continues to appear in the book of shareholders, which is kept by the Central Depository AD, while the heirs do not take the appropriate actions. In order to sell your legacy shares, it is necessary to order the relevant entry in the shareholder's book at the Central Depository AD.

What is the procedure for entering the heirs in the book of shareholders?

  • Entry by inheritance in the book of shareholders is a service performed only by an investment intermediary who has the rights of a registration agent. The services of the intermediaries are paid at a tariff they have declared.

Where can I receive dividend from previous years?

  • Shareholders, wich has  open client accounts at investment intermediaries will receive a dividend through the investment intermediary and for shareholders without accounts with investment intermediaries - through the branches of Central Cooperative Bank AD in the country.

In case shareholder is not able to receive his dividend in person?

  • Someone else can receive dividend of the shareholder only if they have a written notary certified authorization from the shareholder.

How the company pay the dividend to the heirs of a shareholder?

  • The dividend is paid only to a person authorized by the heirs with a notarized power of attorney. The dividend for past years is paid with a notarized power of attorney or with a copy of the notary contract for voluntary division of the shares after a succession procedure at  investment intermediary.

How do I know when the AGA (Annual General Assembly) will be held?

  • Under the Public Offering of Securities Act, the Company is obliged to hold the regular Annual General Assembly of the Shareholders by the end of the first half of the year following the end of the accounting year. All materials for the AGA can be found on the website of Chimimport AD, as well as on the website of Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD and the electronic media in which Chimimport AD reveals regulated information

How can I find out the agenda of the AGM?

  • The agenda is included in the AGA  Invitation. It is published in the Commercial Register and in one daily newspaper. According to Art. 115 of the Public Offering of Securities Act the invitation together with the materials for the General Assembly shall be sent to the Financial Supervision Commission, the Central Depository and the BSE at least 30 days before the Assembly. All materials for the AGA can be found on the website of Chimimport AD.