• Financial SECTOR

    The financial sector is an area where the group strives to offer a full range of services to its clients. Chimimport includes companies with a well-known name and presence in the relevant segments: bank services, insurance, pension fund management, contractual fund management and securitization of receivables and real estate. READ MORE
  • Transport SECTOR

    Chimimport develops air, river and marine transport, as in all three cases is aiming to the full range of activities, including the management of airports and ports, repair and maintenance of vehicles, cargoes, servicing agency and others. READ MORE
  • Production and trading SECTOR

    Thanks to the professional actions of its management, Chimimport holds leading positions on the Bulgarian market, successfully integrating it into the European standards. The Group provides production, extraction and trade in petroleum products and natural gas, production, processing and trade in cereals, vegetable oils and biofuels. READ MORE
  • Real estate SECTOR

    The real estate segment is a constant part of the group's portfolio for which development is laid a serious foundation and invested a considerable amount of money. The common practice is the transparent and fair disclosure of information needed by current shareholders, stakeholders and potential investors. READ MORE
  • Construction and engineering SECTOR

    In the structure of Chimimport, Energoproekt is the main design and consulting firm that has built all of the energy projects in Bulgaria – from the smallest water or heating plant to the big hydropower and heat power stations as well as the country's electricity transmission network. Today the company develops its activities in the field of civil and transport design, the research for establishing technical characteristics of objects and project management. READ MORE