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Energoproekt is a company founded in 1948, and in its almost seventy-years of active work has strengthens its positions as a principal institute for scientific activities, progress and design in the field of power engineering. All energy projects in Bulgaria, from the smallest hydro power plant or thermal plant, to the largest hydro power plants, thermal plants, Nuclear Power Plant /NPP/ “Kozloduy” and electricity transmission grid, were designed by Energoproekt JSC.

Currently in order to meet the market needs the company develops its activities in the field of civil and transport engineering, inspection of the technical characteristics of the buildings and project management Energoproekt is a primary design and consulting company .within the structure of Chimimport Invest.

Energoproekt JSC is in close cooperation with leading engineering companies from Canada, France, Germany, Russia, USA, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, etc.


  1. 01

    Design in the field of Civil and Transportation Engineering – administration and residential buildings, airports, ports

  2. 02

    Construction management

  3. 03

    Prefeasibility and feasibility studies

  4. 04

    Inspection of buildings’ technical characteristics

  5. 05

    Financial and economic assessments and business plans

Transportation engineering

Energoproekt offers engineering and consultancy services in the sphere of transport systems, including civil airports, military airports and related facilities (hangars, hangar facilities, airport terminals, runways, taxiways and airport apron) sea and river ports and related infrastructure.

Civil engineering

  • Administration buildings;
  • Residential buildings;
  • Industrial buildings.

In the area of hydro-technical facilities, Energoproekt developed a project on underwater and surface survey of the water intake tower of Pasarel HPP, commissioned as a result of a successful tender with a contracting authority – National Electrical Company EAD, Dams and Cascades.

The company’s scope of activities also includes preparation of technical passports of residential and administration buildings.

District planning

The direction includes architectures and engineers, performing activities related to preparation of development schemes and plans, as well as research and consultancy activities in the field of urban planning. For many projects design process is preceded of implementation of the relevant development procedures on land use change and land regulation - preparation of a construction plan, change of applicable plan of land regulation.

Energoproekt’s experts also make an assessment of investment chances of realization by identifying optimal indices, applicable to each individual case. The department also deals with solving of matters on urban planning and assignments with regard to land properties within or outside the boundaries of the urbanized areas, as well as opportunities for implementation of investment intentions on a certain area.