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Central Cooperative Bank

Central Cooperative Bank (CCB or the Bank) was registered by virtue of a decision of Sofia City Court on 28 of March, 1991. The Bank’s founders are the Central Cooperative Union, the regional cooperative unions and more than 1 100 cooperative organizations.  

During the last years the shareholding structure of CCB has undergone three major changes – in June 1999, when Bulbank sold to State Fund “Agriculture” its share of 35 %; in June 2001, when the share of Fund “Agriculture”, passed initially through the Bank Consolidation Company, was purchased by Chimimport, and at the end of 2004, when the shares of the Central Cooperative Union were acquired by Chimimport through CCB Group.


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    Card activity

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    E-Secure service

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    CashM service

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    Mobb service

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    Consumer and mortgage crediting


CCB is a universal commercial bank, licensed to perform any and all types of bank operations countrywide and abroad.

The Bank is a leader in servicing the agrarian sector in Bulgaria.  At the same time CCB prioritizes the development of the retail banking and card payments, offering competitive products and services to individuals, as well as to small and medium enterprises and corporate clients from the other branches of the economy.

CCB has been licensed by MasterCard Inc. to issue and accept international debit and credit cards – MasterCard and Maestro, and is also a full member of Visa International, offering the full range of Visa cards. Since 2003 the Bank has been a representative for Bulgaria of the largest world company for fast money transfers Western Union. In 2008 CCB became a direct member of the Pan-European payment system for net settlement EBA STEP2 SCT.

CCB reaches its customers through a central office in the city of Sofia and a well-developed branch network of 301 locations in the Republic of Bulgaria, a branch in Nicosia, Cyprus, and the branch networks of the subsidiary banks in the Republic of Macedonia – CCB Scopje and in the Republic of Tatarstan – AO IC Bank with a branch and offices in the city of Kazan and a branch office in the city of Moscow.

Central Cooperative Bank performs its international activity through a wide correspondent network that has been established and developed during the years and now encompasses more than 280 financial institutions all over the world.