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Central Cooperative Bank

CCB is a universal commercial bank, belonging to the financial structure of CCB Group EAD. The Bank was registered on 28 March 1991. Central Cooperative Union, the regional cooperative unions and more than 1100 cooperative organisations are the founders of CCB.

In recent years, the shareholding structure of CCB has changed significantly three times – in June 1999, when Bulbank sold its 35 % share to the State Fund “Agriculture”; in June 2001, when the share of the State Fund “Agriculture”, which had passed initially through the Bank Consolidation Company, was purchased by Chimimport AD and at the end of 2004, when the shares of the Central Cooperative Union were acquired by Chimimport through CCB Group EAD.

The shares of the Bank are traded on the official market of shares, in the “Premium” segment of “Bulgarian Stock Exchange” AD. The shares are registered, book-entry, ordinary, freely transferable, and each share entitles its holder to one vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders.


  1. 01

    Card business

    - Debit cards:

    •   Standard: Visa Debit & Debit Mastercard, Bcard;

    •   Premium cards: World Debit Mastercard.

      - Credit cards

      •      Standard: MasterCard Standard; Visa Classic and the Visa Classic CCB-Bulgaria Air Co-branded card.

       •      Premium: MasterCard Gold. Visa Gold CCB-Bulgaria Air, Visa Platinum, World Credit Mastercard.

  2. 02

    E – Secure Service – a method of additional protection upon shopping with a debit or credit card on the Internet.

  3. 03

     Making Blink instant payments and instant interbank and bank book payments to a mobile number Blink P2P.

  4. 04

    Mobile banking – the mobile application has built-in:

       • Viber Chat Bot,

       • an application for cash withdrawal,

      • blocking and unblocking debit and credit cards,

       • currency calculator,

       • payment with QR code,

       • payment of utility bills,

       • confirmation of online card transactions,

       • digitisation of a club card,

      • visualisation of a digital brochure from the loyalty program of CCB AD,

       • copying and sharing a client statement or a bank account,

       • digitisation of cards within Apple Wallet and Google Pay,

       • carbon calculator,

      • control of devices,

      • visualisation of the expenses, incurred by a debit or a credit card at merchants with their logo.

  5. 05

    Internet banking – provides an opportunity with an electronic signature to order mass payments, services budget organisations and supports SEBRA transfers.

  6. 06

    Mortgage and consumer lending – the bank offers attractive credit products tailored to the needs of the customers


Central Cooperative Bank is licensed to carry out all types of banking operations in the country and abroad. CCB reaches its clients through a head office in Sofia and a well-developed branch network of 295 locations in Bulgaria, 1 branch in Nicosia, Cyprus and the branch networks of the subsidiary banks in Macedonia, CCB Skopje AD and Tatarstan – AO IC Bank with a branch and offices in Kazan and an affiliate in Moscow. The Bank carries out its international activities thanks to an established and developed over the years wide correspondent network of financial institutions worldwide.

  1. The Bank operates as an investment intermediary.
  2. CCB AD has been approved by the Ministry of Finance as a primary dealer of government securities.
  3. The Bank is licensed by MasterCard Inc. and VISA International to issue and acquire international debit and credit cards.
  4. CCB AD is a representative for Bulgaria of the world’s largest fast money transfer company Western Union.
  5. The Bank is a direct participant in the pan-European payment system for SEPA credit transfers EBA STEP2, with direct participation in the largest payment system for SEPA transfers in Europe.
  6. CCB AD is a member of the Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement System TARGET 2.
  7. Central Cooperative Bank AD is a full member of the European Association of Cooperative Banks and the International Cooperative Banking Association.