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CCB Life

The CCB Life insurance company is a single – shareholder establishment, incorporated in 2007 by the virtue of Resolution №1333-ZHZ from the 31.10.2007. CCB Life JSC operates in strict adherence to the Insurance Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as to the applicable normative documents.


  1. 01

    Life and Annuity Insurance

  2. 02

    Additional Insurance

  3. 03

    Accident and illness insurance

The main goal of insurance company CCB Life JSC is first rate customer service and provision of effective insurance protection through the offering of wide range of insurance products amongst which one can find the following: Individual risk insurances “Life”; Group risk insurances “Life”; “Life” insurances for credited entities; Individual savings insurances, combining a savings account and different options for supplementary risk coverage; Group savings insurances “Life”.

The company exercises its activity on the entire territory of Bulgaria with the aid of the well-developed branch network of Insurance Company “Armeec” JSC and other leading insurance brokers.

The cooperation between Insurance company CCB Life JSC and Central Cooperative Bank JSC is very successful especially regarding the sales of “Life” insurances and “Life” insurances for credited entities.