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The real estate is one of the priority segments for Chimimport Plc. Significant funding has been invested in the real estate in the last few years, establishing the foundation and future development of the sector.

Present projects:

  • The commercial real estates of the Group are allocated in the companies from financial and real estate sectors;

  • Sports Complex Varna (Stage I): construction of a stadium with a capacity of 22,000 seats , designed in cooperation with GMP International (also develpped the project for the stadium in Cologne, Germany),on a plot of approx. 80,000 sq. m.; with additional facilities (for professional and amateur sports, restaurants, shops, etc.), with a GFA of 6,000 sq. m.; Planned investment -  EUR 80 million;

  • Development of a network of industrial and logistic centers with national coverage using the know-how, location and facilities of already operating centers. Currently Chimimport owns two industrial and logistic centers in Sofia (GFA 52,500 sq. m), in Bourgas (GFA 84,200 sq. m), in Plovdiv (GFA 21,800 sq. m) and in Rousse (161,000 sq. m, including port on Danube river).

Pipeline projects - in planning and pre-development phase

  • Sports Complex Varna (Stage II): development of additional 120,000 sq. m of offices, retail area and residential area, 5-stars hotel;
  • Sports Centre Mladost (Varna): Chimimport has obtained a concession for 35 + 15 years for development of track and field with capacity of 5,000 viewers; shopping centre, hotel and offices;
  • Project Varna - South: construction of a shopping centre with total built-up area of 120,000 sq. m and completely new residential complex in Varna with GFA of approx. 1,000,000 sq. m;
  • Borovets complex: a plot of 19,000 sq. m, with a total GFA of 33,000 sq. m - planned sale afterconstruciton;
  • Golf Shabla (project of Par Fair): a plot of  1,265,000 sq. m; EUR 80 million planned investment;
  • Expansion of the network of industrial and logistic centers: development of five new industrial and logistic projects in Varna, Dobrich, Montana, Pleven and Vidin, as the relevant plots are already owned by the Group companies. As a result Chimimport Plc will own a network with a full national coverage, i.e. will be one of the major operators in the logistic market.The logistic segment is expected to stay attractive in the long term due to variety of factors - the exceptional geographical location of Bulgaria, as well as its political stability at national and European level.