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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Plc is the only Bulgarian company, performing the full scope of activities of survey, research, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, as well as the processing of crude oil to final products for the market.  

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Plc was established in 1991. The company is the legal successor of the main geological, research and production companies and facilities that initiated the beginning of the Bulgarian oil industry with oil field Tyulenovo, discovered in 1951 in the area of the town of Shabla. The experts from Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Plc have many years of proven experience and achieved results both on the territory of Bulgaria and in performing petrol projects in Libya (Bulgarian petrol concessions NC-100 Gadames and NC-101 Morzuk), Syria, Iraq, etc.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, through its exploration and production units and subsidiaries performs a wide range of specialized activities and services in all stages of the searching, oil and gas exploration and production, the research and exploitation of underground and mineral waters and geothermal energy.


  1. 01

    Prospecting, survey, extraction and sale of crude oil and natural gas

  2. 02

    Prospecting, survey and operating of thermal, mineral and underground waters for drinking, domestic and industrial purposes

  3. 03

    Prospecting and survey of geothermal energy fields

  4. 04

    Drilling of exploration, appraisal and production wells for oil and gas, underground waters and geothermal energy

  5. 05

    Scientific researches and engineering activities within the country and abroad

  6. 06

    Specific maintenance and foreign trade operations

  7. 07

    Processing of oil and condensate

  8. 08

    Geological and geophysical maintenance activities in the sphere of searching and exploration for natural resources in Bulgaria and abroad

  9. 09

    Planning, production and maintenance activities in the sphere of geology and geophysics

  10. 10

    Construction of oil and gas pipes and installing of facilities for work under pressure

The activities related to prospecting, survey and assessment of new oil and gas fields are carried out under the order and conditions of Mineral Resources Act.

After its acquisition by Chimimport Plc in 2004 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Plc launched the implementation of wide range investment program for renovations in the specific geophysical equipment, operational facilities repair, improved work conditions, implementation of modern information systems for resource planning and management.

Since the middle of 2012, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Plc is successfully certified under ISO 9001:2008, by receiving a certificate from TUF Rheinland InterCert Kft., thus competing the last stage from project No.BG161PO003-2-1-08- 0621-C0001 “Meeting internationally recognized standards.” The project was based on contracted agreement between Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Plc and the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency concerning granting of financial aid No.DCM- 02210/01.06.2011 under Operational Program Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013.

Since the middle of 2014 "Oil and Gas Exploration and Production" JSC has been successfully certified according to the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and has received the certificate from TUF Rheinland InterCert Kft.

As of June 22, 2023, "Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction" AD has successfully been certified according to the environmental standard BDS EN ISO 14001:2015, having received the certificate from TUF Rhineland Bulgaria EOOD.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production owns a major interest in the following companies: Bulgarian Petroleum Refinery Ltd (100% participation), PDNG Service Ltd (100% participation), Chimoil BG Ltd (100% participation), Sitnyakovo Project Estate Ltd (100% participation); Geology and Mineral Resources Ltd Publisher (70% participation); Golf Shabla (65% participation). The company owns also 35% of the gas distribution company Kavarna Gas Ltd.