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Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria JSC is at the top of the Bulgarian market as far as the purchase, storage and trading with oilseeds, as well as in the production and the sale of vegetable oils.     

With the opening of the largest and most contemporary plant, up to the present day, for the production of biodiesel in Bulgaria, Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria JSC has successfully entered into this branch as well.

Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria JSC is a joint stock company, founded on the 26.11.2007 by the merger of the following 8 companies: Sun Rays Bulgaria PLC, Sofia (a public limited company by the meaning of the Law of Public Offering of Securities), Zarneni Hrani Trade JSC, Sofia, Back International JSC, Sofia, Zarneni Hrani – Valchi Dol JSC, Sofia, Zarneni Hrani Balchik JSC, Sofia, Zora JSC, Rousse, Prima Agrochim LTD, Dobrich and Chimiport Agrochemicals LTD, Sofia.

As a result of that merger, all assets and liabilities of the said companies were passed on to the newly created entity Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria which is thereby their universal successor. With the aid of the vertically integrated business model of the company, which in turn covers all the stages from the manufacturer to the end user, including transport and harbor activities is achieved through the uniting of the agricultural business of Chimimport.


  1. 01

    Manufacturing of vegetable oils; production of biodiesel; refinement and harnessing of technical oils; raw oil production and prospecting for natural gas; refinement of oil and condensate, manufacturing of oil products, polymers and synthetic threads; manufacturing of low voltage electric apparatuses; refinement and trading with plastics; manufacturing and trading with polyethylene products

  2. 02

    Trading with grains, vegetable oils, pharmaceutical substances, veterinarian medications, chemicals, reagents, gases, lacquer and paint products, pigments and paints, synthetic threads, oil, fuels, petrochemical products; trading with medicaments, medical equipment, consumables, medical-sanitary materials; distribution of fertilizers and products for crop protection


  3. 03

    Warehousing grains, renting of real estate and rendition of harbor services and others


The manufacturing activity of refined oils is performed by the company in an Oil Production Plant, located in the town of Provadia where in the integrated installations, the company disposes of capacity to manage the full cycle of manufacturing – from the seed squashing to the bottling of the done production.

The refined oils are branded with the reserved name Sun Rays, which name is registered with the State Registry of Brands, as maintained by the Bulgarian Patent Office.

The plant disposes of completely automated oil refinement line with 100 tons capacity for refined oils for feeding purposes and 300 tons neutralized oils for technical purposes each 24 hours. The powers in the oil production workshop are 600 tons/24 hours for refinement for sunflower seeds or 500 tons/24 hours for different seeds.

Part of the available infrastructure in the town of Provadia is being used by the company (through its subsidiary Sun Rays Provadia JSC) as a fundament for the construction of the most contemporary (up to this moment) installation for the production of biodiesel in the country. The plant, is built by the world leader from Italy De Smet Ballestra oil based on modern technologies and is with annual production capacity of 100 000 t as it could be powered by different raw materials for the purpose of diversity of arbitration between the prices of the raw materials and the done production.


This manufacturing process is ecological – the only waste is glycerin with degree of pureness 80%, which is highly applicable in many industries and all refinement processes are automated and almost human factor free. At the plant there are also storage units of 6 000 square meters for storage of biodiesel and 2 000 square meters for the storage of neutralized vegetable oil with total value of 15 million euro. The so produced biodiesel is being sold on neighboring external markets.


In relation to its activity involving agricultural production, the Company owns and operates with 25 grain bases, which makes the largest network in the country, representing 35% of the licensed and 17% of the general capacity of the country. The grain bases are located in the villages of Krushari, Kardam and Karapelit, the towns of Tervel, Nova Kamena, Dobrich, the villages of Dolno Tserovene, Gen. Kolevo, Dve Mogili, the towns of Balchik, Valchi Dol, Straldzha, Dobrich, Strazhitza, the city of Burgas and others and have the total capacity of 802 000 tons of grain.


  1. 01

    Integrated operational model (purchase, storage, refinement and sale of harvests)

  2. 02

    Access to transport corridors and development of export activity, which is performed through its subsidiary company Port Balchik JSC out of which Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria owns 67% of the shares

  3. 03

    Remarkable material base (the network of grain bases, the plant for biodiesel and so on)

  4. 04

    Belongs to the economic group of Chimiport which allows the exploitation of the synergies with the other companies: transport (Trans Intercar, Bulgarian River Shipping), crediting (Central Cooperative Bank) and insurances (Armeec), trading with fertilizers and so on