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“Bulgarian River Shipping” J.S.Co Ruse is the undisputed leader among the Bulgarian companies dealing with river navigation, as the volumes of transport activities and the company's fleet exceed considerably those of its closest competitors sailing under Bulgarian flag.

The company was established in March 1935 under the name “River Coastal Shipping”. In May 1940 it was transformed into a separate company “Bulgarian River Shipping” based in the town of Rousse. The company has been public till January 2004, its shares are currently traded on the official stock market – segment “B” of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia JSCo.

„Chimimport” through “Bulgarian Shipping Company”, as well as through other subsidiaries, is the owner of 76.15 % of the capital of “Bulgarian River Shipping”.

As of 31.12.2019 the shared capital of the company amounts to BGN 35,708,674.00 as the shares are in possession of more than 500 shareholders legal entities and individuals.

With the conclusion of these concession agreements with the Ministry of transport, technologies and communication, Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co enriched its main activity by more services – i.e. to act as a port operator, providing transshipment operations and port services to passenger and cargo ships in several Bulgarian ports.


  1. 01

    Transport of bulk and general cargoes, liquid nonhazardous cargoes and fuels, large-sized and concentrated cargoes

  2. 02

    Container transport

  3. 03

    Ferry services between Port Nikopol and Port Turnu Magurele

  4. 04

    Agency services for Bulgarian and foreign ships in all Bulgarian Danube river ports

  5. 05

    Shipping, forwarding and chartering of river and sea vessels

  6. 06

    Organizing of combined transport: river – railroad – sea and river – sea


  1. 01

    Own agency offices rendering agency services to the fleet of the company, as wells as to other ship owners in the ports of Rousse, Lom, Vidin and Svishtov

  2. 02

    Agency representative office in the port of Budapest, dealing with agency and chartering of own and foreign vessels

Holding company “Chimimport” undertook to invest in Bulgarian River Shipping JSCo 25 million EUR during 2007 – 2011 through its subsidiary company “Bulgarian Ship Company “. The main objective of the investment program was the increasing of the tonnage of Bulgarian River Shipping, as well as renovating the fleet of the company by replacing ship engines with new ones, product of “Caterpillar”; making constructive changes in some of the pushers thus enabling them to sail in the Upper Danube. The full reconstruction and replacement of the engines of 6 of the pushers was completed and their exploitation proved exceptionally good, resulting in low fuel consumption and minimal environmental pollution.

Nowadays Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co is the biggest Bulgarian river carrier on the Danube River. It’s almost impossible the company to be displaced from the leading positions in the transport of common mass cargoes in bulk as coal, fertilizers, ores, coke, grains, etc., as well as general cargoes like containers, heavy parcels and project cargoes. 

In 2019 Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co fulfilled long-term contracts for the execution of transport of steel pipes for the international natural gas pipeline “TurkStream” on the Danube River to Republic of Serbia, and we were the only Bulgarian carrier admitted to the project amongst many others European transport companies.

Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co is in successful partnership with over 200 small and large companies all over Bulgaria and Europe.