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Chimimport’s investments in the river and marine transport industry are realized through its subsidiary Bulgarian Shipping Company, 100% owned by Chimimport Plc.

Bulgarian Shipping Company JSC was established in 2006 with the purpose to consolidate the interest of Chimimport Plc in the river and marine transport.

Bulgarian Shipping Company, being a parent company, has an effective control over its subsidiaries Bulgarian River Shipping Plc, where the company owns 76.15% of the shares (directly or via affiliates), Bulgarian Logistic Company Ltd.– 100%, and since 2011 – 100% of the capital of Portstroy Invest Ltd.

Through Bulgarian River Shipping, the Bulgarian Shipping Company JSC holds the majority share capital in the following companies:


  1. 01

    Mayak KM JSC – 94.25%

  2. 02

    Interlichter Slovakia Ltd – 100%

  3. 03

    Port Invest Ltd – 100%

  4. 04

    Port Pristis Ltd – 55%

  5. 05

    Blue Sea Horizon Corp – 100%


  1. 01

    VTC JSC – 41%

Jointly controlled

  1. 01

    Varnaferry Ltd – 50%


Bulgarian Shipping Company JSC effectively participates in the management of: Port Lesport JSC – subsidiary of Chimimport – 99%; Lesport Project Management Ltd – subsidiary of Port Lesport – 100%; Danube Investment Company Ltd – subsidiary of Chimimport – 100%; Port Balchik JSC – subsidiary of Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria – 65%.

Bulgarian Shipping Company JSC has direct ownership of 33% of the share capital of Port Balchik JSC.

The future plans of the Bulgarian Shipping Company include acquisition of shares in ports, ship-building and ship-repairing companies, construction of new port terminals, purchase and management of vessels for river and sea, as well as improvement of the transport streams from/to Russia and the region.