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Mayak–KM JSC was founded in 1968 at the industry zone of the town of Novi Pazar, located 70 km to the West from the city of Varna close to the Hemus motorway. The company was initially transformed into a jointstock company in 1966 and since 2006 is a fiduciary company of Bulgarian River Shipping JSC.

The company is occupying 90 acres, 15 of which are closed manufacturing areas.

The core manufacturing is performed at a building with dimensions 96x130 meters, as well as in a preparatory workshop with dimensions 48x60 meters. The plant is designed to produce machine building products and metal constructions for the construction of ships and the energy sector.


  1. 01

    Ship cranes with load carrying capacity up to 40 tons by license from the Swedish HAGGLUNDS

  2. 02

    Ship life rescue devices and mechanisms

  3. 03

    Grips of all sorts and sizes

  4. 04

    Metal constructions for the fifth block of the KOZLODUY NPP and technological lines for the TPP “Maritza Iztok”

During the last few years, Mayak – KM JSC produces hydraulic system components for propulsion and guiding of sea ships and floating vessels. After the year 2000, the fundamental customer of Mayak – KM JSC is Rolls-Royce Marine Companies – Finland.

For Rolls-Royce the company has delivered: cisterns of different volume and purpose; fundaments of pump aggregates; protectors for pumping screws and others as the total amount of items ordered reaches up to 12 thousand per year. As a result from the successful performance of the orders for Rolls-Royce, the company gained some new customers – Polarteknik, Fluid House and Bosch Rexroth. In 2014 a new framework contract was signed. The sales for Rolls- Royce, Polarteknik, Fluid House and Bosch Rexroth produced around 90% of the total capacity of Mayak – KM JSC.


  • In 2010 a pilot order for Rolls-Royce Marine AS – Norway was performed and approved by the customer and in the fourth trimester of 2010 Mayak – KM performed the first regular orders. In 2011 some pieces went to a new Norwegian customer – Tingstd.
  • Thanks to the active price policies in the conditions of crisis in the month of June, 2013, the company managed to perform a pilot order for PMC GROUP AB Sweden.


Except the deliveries for Rolls-Royce the following more noticeable items are being produced grips for harbor and industrial needs, metal constructions for the new grain terminal of Port Balchik, emergency ladders for public buildings, metal constructions for reconstruction of river floating vessels.