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Port Invest Ltd. has been registered as a private limited liability company with its registered office at: 7000 Ruse, 2 "Otets Paisiy" Sq. It has been entered in the Commercial Register in 2012 with a registration act № 20121102153848.

The capital of  Port Invest Ltd. amounts to 1 600 000 BGN, divided into 16 000 shares each of 100 BGN. The sole shareholder of the company is Bulgarian River Shipping JSC – a public joint stock company. "Port Invest" Ltd. hasn't had any branches registered under the Commercial Act.

The principal activities of Port Invest Ltd. include carrying out activity as a port operator, provision of port services, chartering and transport-forwarding activity; commercial navigation on river, sea and related inland waterways, including carriage of goods by waterway and combined transport; transportation of passengers and luggage; rental and leasing of ships, other vessels and other means of transport; towing and pushing of vessels and cargo; ship supply, carrying out of river, marine services and other ancillary commercial and technical activities and operations associated with the Merchant Navy; commercial representation, brokerage and ship agency; home and foreign trade; ship repair for own and other needs; investment and engineering, research and development; training and qualification of personnel; other types of business for which there is no statutory prohibition.

By Decision № 49 of 24.01.2013 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, Port Invest Ltd. has been determined as a Concessionaire of the Port Terminal Lom (Port Lom), part of the port for public transport of national importance, Lom. Under the concluded concession contract, Port Invest Ltd. has acquired rights of a sole port operator for the Port of  Lom.

Port Lom is situated on the right bank of the Danube river from river km. 742.000 km to river km. 742.500 in the central part of the town of Lom, district of Montana, northwestern Bulgaria. It stands 162 kilometers north of Sofia, 56 km. southeast of the city of Vidin, 49 km. north of the city of Montana and 42 km. west of the town of Kozloduy.

On the territory of the terminal there are built border checkpoint, customs office, phytosanitary control point etc. Cargoes to and from the port are transported by road, railway and waterway. The port terminal is designed for handling of import and export cargo. Both the outdoor and indoor warehouses located in the terminal, as well as the loading and unloading facilities and the engineering infrastructure for water supply, power supply and the specialized equipment for cargo handling and lighting ensure the provision of port services typical for a port of a universal type.

Port Terminal Lom is registered in the Register of the ports of the Republic of Bulgaria, kept by the Maritime Administration Executive Agency under serial № 1, p. 1-4 and is in a serviceable state, for which a Certificate for serviceability has been issued by the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications under № 14008 from 08.04.2020 for the handling of general and bulk cargo, non-hazardous liquid cargo and containers; ship supply; handling of passengers.

Port Invest Ltd. has been inscribed in the Register of port operators in Bulgaria under № 13, p. 49-52. The company owns Certificate № 410001/25.06.2020 for registration as a port operator at the port terminal of Lom.   

In carrying on its activity, Port Invest Ltd. is guided by the best European practices, the existing normative documents and the integrated by the company Environmental management system, Quality management system, Health and safety at work system.