about us


The joint-stock shipping company Varnaferry has been established with the view to provide ferryboat carriage on the line Varna-Kavkaz.

By running the ferryboat “Varna”, it is our obligation, as a Bulgarian marine carrier, according to the Bulgaria-Russian agreement to organization the ferry service between port of Varna and port Kavkaz.

This ferry-line has been officially opened up on 03.03.2009 and it is the first direct transport line between Bulgaria and Russia. It saves the distance up to 800 km between the two countries. As a direct transport connection, it gives priority to the business and provides opportunity for sparing financial means and transit fees.

Varnaferry Complex is situated at the west coast of Beloslav lake by 30 km from Varna and it is only place in the Black Sea region with possibility to change the rail car bogies from European (1435mm) to Russian standard (1520mm) wheel-gauge. This is a unique advantage of this terminal offering one of the shortest and cheapest routs for the cargo traffic between Europe and Asia.

The ferry terminal Varna has two shipping places at its disposal which are equipped with lifting bridges having 5 tracks in one wheel-gauge (1520 mm). The ferryboat vessel “Varna” will be able to carry 42 Rail wagons /50 cisterns on an upper deck and 24 heavy-trucks on a lower deck. On average the line will service once a week. Ships will be cover the distance between the two ports for 36 hours.