about us


Bulchimtrade Ltd was established on November 11th, 2008 with the primary objective of concentrating and optimizing the activities of the subsidiary to Chimimport Group companies Rubber Trade,        

Orgachim Trading 2008, Chimoil Trade, and Chimtrans. Company’s partners are Chimimport Group, holding 60% of the capital, as well as 13 private individuals.


  1. 01

    Rubber Trade – trading mainly with various tire brands and models such Apollo Acelere, Quantum, Apollo Hawkz, Eskimo, Winter Sport, Winter Grip, Snowmaster, Dunlop as well as other rubber products

  2. 02

    Orgachim Trade – trading with various types of selfadhesive envelopes, veterinary and chemical products, including Macrolon and Novodur plastics, chemicals e.g. zinc sulphate

  3. 03

    Oil Trade – trading with fuels, oil and petroleum products

  4. 04

    Chimtrans – transport and forwarding/logistics

Bulchimtrade Ltd will continue with its prime trading activities, whereas company’s targeted objective are sales increase, penetration of new markets and overall development of company’s business.